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Overview[edit | edit source]

BLR Zen GP.png

Zen is a form of virtual currency used in Blacklight: Retribution. Items can be bought with Zen using the Customization option from the main menu.

Aside from PeanutLabs offers, Zen can only be obtained by paying for it via

Trivia[edit | edit source]

PWE Charge Zen.png

It is possible to obtain Zen without paying for it by completing PeanutLabs offers at These offers range from watching videos and clicking on websites to surveys about your lifestyle and offers that reward you with Zen when you make a purchase at the provided website. Be aware that in order to be able to have access to this, you must have an account at least one week old and an Agent Level 10 or up (or a character Level 10 or up in other Perfect World games).

Zen uses a different denomination than Game Points. Whereas GP mostly uses denominations of one thousand (1,000), Zen mostly uses denominations of one hundred (100).

Zen is used in all of Perfect World's games as a form of virtual currency, excluding Torchlight.

Zen is also a school of Buddhism. For more information, visit