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Overview[edit | edit source]

Taunts, also called Emotes, trigger an animation performed by a player's character. They come in two types: normal and digital. The digital version of taunts will add a holographic animation to the taunt, while the normal version will only trigger a physical animation.

Equipping Taunts[edit | edit source]

They can be purchased, previewed, and equipped by going to the Profile tab in the Customization menu. Taunts vary in the time it takes to complete the animation, and can be either stationary or mobile.

Taunting In-Game[edit | edit source]

Example of taunting during end of a game.

In game, taunts can be triggered by pressing "T" by default. Taunts can be selected by holding down the T key, then moving the mouse to select a different taunt. A 'standard' taunt can also be performed while in the Hardsuit.

Taunting after getting a kill will earn you a small amount of CP. The taunt must be completed, and interrupting the taunt will not earn any CP. 5 CP will be rewarded for short emotes, 8 will be awarded for medium-length emotes, 10 will be rewarded for 'standard' emotes, and 12 CP will be awarded for long emotes. Currently, whether the taunt is classified as Stationary or Mobile has no effect on the CP earned.

Taunts can also be used at the end of a match by the top 3 players.

List of taunts[edit | edit source]

Available with GP

1.5s - Standard issue - Wag
3.4s - lvl 10 - Clap
1.9s - lvl 25 - Salute

Available with Zen

4.2s - Bow
4.2s - Bow Digital
3.6s - Caution
3.6s - Caution Digital
3.4s - Clap Digital
1.1s - Throat Slit
1.1s - Throat Slit Digital
1.5s - Thumbs Down
1.5s - Thumbs Down Digital
1.5s - Thumbs Up Digital
1.5s - Wag Digital
3.5s - Roar
4.2s - Posed Point
6.2s - Hush Digital
3.1s - Fancy Bow
3.4s - Crane Kick Digital
3.7s - Upercut Digital
2.0s - TeaBag Digital
5.3s - Muahaha Digital
2.4s - Gun Wave Digital

Chance pack only

2.3s - Crane
2.0s - TeaBag
1.6s - Go
1.5s - Cut It
1.5s - Thumbs Up
1.5s - A-OK
1.5s - Metal
1.5s - Point
6.2s - Hush
2.7s - Rainbow Digital
3.5s - Roar Digital
3.1s - Fancy Bow
3.8s - The Tebow
+ more

Event Only

2.5s - Troll Face

Award Only

Until You Respawn - War Dogs Mask [Veteran Pack]