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"A sovereign of high character and intelligence must be able to know the right man, should place the responsibility on him, and expect results." -Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Power has always been a problem in humanity, for as long as humanity exists, there will always be a battle over control of the very existence of man. A power hungry organization known as The Order is one such group, and perhaps one of the worst. Shangralah, China used to be a peaceful market city, full of the smells of fresh food and the sounds of children playing in the alleys. Now, it sits empty, buildings destroyed, rotten food everywhere, and degenerated infected people fill the streets. This conflict started because the Order released a virus called the Q-Fever.

People began flocking to decontamination tents, only to find out that nothing could be done to help them. Those that became infected transformed and were named SIVs(Sentient Insanity Virus) by the local military personnel and survivors. During this time, defenses were mounted by local military forces but eventually, they were overwhelmed. The Order holds advanced armaments and are well-trained in their use, but they didn't account for man's ability to adapt.

A team of highly trained ex-special ops soldiers have been sent out to combat the Order and help bring the world back to its normal pace. This team is known as the Blacklights, highly trained and well armed soldiers, masters of urban combat, and tactical prowess that equals even the most seasoned of warriors. Armed with the best weapons, armor, and HRV (Hyper Reality Vision), they set off to start their fight, with the ultimate goal in mind-- to take out the leader of the Order, General Klien.

Digital Comic[edit | edit source]

A digital version of the Blacklight: Tango Down comic was released in anticipation of the World's End update.

Chapter 1 -

Chapter 2 -

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Chapter 6 -

Note[edit | edit source]

- This story is taken from Blacklight: Tango Down, A FPS game that is prequel to Blacklight Retribution. Retribution itself currently does not have official storyline. Although a post from a developer confirmed that there is civil war going on in some place on Earth.