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Seaport prev.jpg

Overview[edit | edit source]

SeaPort was added in the 0.971 patch and is based on a dockyard theme. Its wide open areas combined with high vantage points make it an excellent sniper map. SeaPort can currently be played with any mode enabled, barring NetWar and Siege which are at the time of writing still exclusive to Offshore and Nuken, respectively.

Tips[edit | edit source]

- If your team get pinned down from snipers at the building opposite of container stack spawnpoint, you can take the sub-ground corridor inside Depot room of both buildings to flush them out.

- Like Safehold, Seaport is designed to be a sniper map. Avoid wide open areas, and surround snipers to get tactical advantage. For example, near the open area between the buildings, a little rooftop have 2 ways to get in this position; or get via the front of this open area, or by the ladder, who leads in the second building. If one's watching the ladder, take the little road from the open area, and vice-versa.

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