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Overview[edit | edit source]

"retreive control unit, secure and update net war mesh nodes." -Announcer

A video overview of this game mode is available at

NetWar (also referred to as NetWarfare or NW) is a gamemode that combines elements of Domination and Capture the Flag. Currently the only map for this mode is Offshore.

This game mode was release with the 5/16/2012 - NetWar update.

Details[edit | edit source]

There are four neutral capture nodes are placed in each of the four corners on the map, with a flag placed in the center. The game mode is a time limited match based on the amount of points a team acquires. The objectives are similar to Domination and CTF, but with a twist. The capture nodes are encrypted, therefore unable to be hacked. Rather, the point is captured by having teammates stand by it. The node will automatically degenerate to almost neutral if there is no allied member near the node. In addition, instead of having one flag for each team, there is a single flag which both teams may capture. The holder of the flag may also sprint, quickening the pace of the game. The flag may only be returned to a node that is fully owned by its respective team. Occasionally this may lead the flag carrier to have to wait by a point before being able to capture it. If the flag is dropped and neither team picks it up within 30 seconds, it will disappear momentarily before returning to the center of the map.

Each flag capture grants your team +100 points, or +200 to the player who captures it.

The process of capturing a node will give 5 points per second, and a successful capture will give the player +120 points. A node capture assist will give the player +80 points. Each captured node gives your team counts +1 point per second to the team's objective score.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

When the flag carrier is killed, the flag may not be picked up until the flag carrier respawns.