Krane OG.3 Pro

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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Krane OG.3 Pro is a premade Burstfire Pistol that uses explosive ammunition. Increased damage and a good scope make this Burstfire Pistol more effective at a distance.

Details[edit | edit source]

Non-customizable. Attachments on this weapon cannot be used on other weapons.

Receiver - Burstfire Pistol

Muzzle - Krane SPR1

Barrel - No Barrel Mod

Scope - EMI Cypher ACOG.3

Magazine - Foiche XPL1 BP

Stock - No Stock

The statistics for this weapon are as follows:

Krane OG.3 'Pro'
AMMO: 15/60 RELOAD: 1.58s
ZOOM: 3.00 SCOPE IN: 0.39s
SPREAD-AIM: 1.13° RECOIL: 4.07°
SPREAD-HIP: 2.84° RANGE: 19/50
SPREAD-MOVE: 3.76° RUN: +0.47