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Heavy Weapon Refill

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Heavy Weapon Refill[edit | edit source]


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Cost: Standard Issue

Depot Cost: 250 CP


Refill Ammo for Heavy Weapons.

SPECIAL: Adds bonus 300 ammo to minigun when refilled.


Type: Refill

Class: Ammo

NOTE: Does not refill ammo for Standard Weapons or Gear.

Depot Items
A36 BrimstoneAmmo RefillAT-D4 Deployable TurretFT18 FlamethrowerGL-7 Bear ClawHardSuit HRV DecoyHealth RefillHeavy Weapon RefillHS01a HardsuitKTN8 KatanaMK1 Assault BotRG057 GhostRL2a SwarmRL5 Armor StingerT56 Trident