Exploding Tomahawk

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Pricing[edit | edit source]

Week: 1995 GP | 210 Zen

Permanent: 8750 GP | 700 Zen

This item cannot be purchased using GP unless the character is level 40 or higher.

INFO[edit | edit source]

Combining the best of both worlds from throwing knives and explosives, this new throwing weapon uses the same equipment slot as grenades and devices. The Exploding Tomahawk is multipurpose, and extremely versatile. It can be used as a standard melee weapon, or thrown into enemy agents. The “exploding” part is what really makes this weapon stand out. Once this weapon has impacted a surface, the Agent that hurled it has the option of detonating it remotely. This causes the Tomahawk to explode like a grenade, damaging or killing nearby enemies. Alternatively, a Tomahawk can be retrieved from the surface it landed on and thrown again. Use an embedded tomahawk to deny passage through chokepoints, or as a trap to neutralize unaware opponents.

DETAILS[edit | edit source]

Type: Skill

Class: Melee

Damage: 400 (200 - Thrown, 150 - Melee)

Effect: Instant

Range: 2.0m

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