Easter Eggs

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Mini-Harsuit in training mode[edit | edit source]

When you come to the default weapon rack next to the exit door, crouch facing the door, and under the weapon rack you'll see a mini Hardsuit. Shoot it, and it comes out on the other side.

Training Holo-Dummy Bar Codes[edit | edit source]

In Training mode, a bar code can be seen on the holographic training dummies. It was revealed that the bar code reads "Be sure to drink your Blacklight Retribution." This is a reference to a famous scene from the movie "A Christmas Story," when a code is cracked and translated to "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."

Secret room in training mode[edit | edit source]

There's a room that contains premade guns that you can pick up and use. It's in the same room as the large legged-tank. To access it you'll need to stand on the final door before it raises after the tutorial is finished then find your way there. This involves getting on the platform and jumping down on top of the walls.

Brandon's Box[edit | edit source]

In Containment there is a box labelled "Blacklight Comics" and on the back of this box is a taped label named"Brandon's Box." This is a reference to a developer who goes by the screen-name "ZombieBrandon," who used to camp behind a specific box in Retribution's prequel, Tango Down, to the point that it became known within the office to be called, "Brandon's Box".

Weapon Texture Text[edit | edit source]

  • Barrel Briar Composite LBiV has a typo: "This Overmatch Custom Barrel Heat Shield..."
  • Bolt-Action Rifle reads "ANTI-MATERIAL RIFLE" on the side.
  • Barrel Krane GX3 Heavy has funny warning message: "WARNING: This product is meant for approved universal weapon customization systems that apply to the NCAA rules of complacency and diabetes. If you shoot yourself in the eye do not contact us. TITAN heavy weapons Producer is not liable for injury or death related to random malfunctions caused by this barrel. Meant for military and law enforcement use only. Never rub your eyes after cutting peppers."
  • Burstfire SMG stock reads: "WARNING: fully read online instruction manual before attempting to operate this weapon. Online manual can be found at http://blacklight.perfectworld.com/ HullBreach Arms Inc. is not responsible for any injury or death caused by this product"