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FAQ[edit | edit source]

I bought some items yesterday, but now it says they are expired. Can't I buy something permanently?
Yes, you can. To do so you change the time from 1 day to permanent, when buying the item. It will cost more though. A permanent receiver will cost 6000-9000 GP

I got a pack for levelling up, I took the items but they don't show up under customization.
You need to activate the pack under inventory.

How do i open my inventory?
Click in the top right corner, it will open the Social Menu. In there, click Inventory.

How can I Create a party?
Go to your friend's list from the menu accessed by clicking in the top right corner, choose a friend that is online, and select "Invite to party."

I created a character on EU server, why did i lose all my info when joining NA/AU servers?
EU and NA/AU servers are kept separately, and for the time being, characters can't be transferred.

How do I use a redeem code?
You must now install the Arc client to redeem codes. Download the client from the Arc games website. From there, click your name on the upper right portion of the client, a tab will drop down then select Redeem Code.

How to kill someone with a hardsuit.
There are a lot of different ways. The most common are getting either a rocket stinger or a flamethrower from the depot. Flamethrower will burn the person inside, while more or less keeping the hardsuit intact. Thus, you can steal the hardsuit. Another way is to use hardsuit weak points. You can see them in your HRV, they glow blue. While shooting at those points, you do 10x the damage you would usually do (This works best with a weapon, that has a high fire-rate).

Is it better to have a male or female player
To quote Andy Kipling, a dev: there are a few places where they are different but overall they are teh same. (smaller in 1 area, larger in another, e.g.) and those differences are seriously extremely small.
In all other aspects the playermodels are exactly the same

Slang[edit | edit source]

AR - Assault Rifle
BR/BFR - Burstfire Rifle
SMG - Sub-Machine Gun
CR - Combat Rifle
BAR - Bolt-Action Rifle
TSMG - Tactical SMG
B-SMG/BFSMG - Burstfire SMG
Buff - if someone says something needs a buff it means the developers need to make the weapon better to use/more effective
Nerf - opposite of buff
Dev - Developer, Zombie Staff